Building and Construction Lawyers Brisbane

Usher Levi Lawyers has lawyers who specialise in building and construction law in Brisbane QLD. With our experienced construction and building lawyers by your side, you’ll have access to excellent legal advice in any building law case.

We handle front and back end construction work for principals, head contractors, sub-contractors and consultants, and assist you in understanding the practicalities and legal principles underlying your matter.

Not only do we strive for the best, most ethical result, we also aim to help you understand the reasons and basis for our advice, and will clarify and explain our advice in plain English. Choose Usher Levi as your lawyers for building matters, contractual disputes, litigation and property matters.

Professional Building Lawyers

As an experienced construction law firm in Brisbane and Townsville, our building and construction lawyers work side-by-side with you from start until the completion of your matter. We work with you or your project managers to create commercial contracts and agreements that will protect your interests from inception, throughout the building phase and in any building dispute along the way. This ensures preventative measures are in place and that you can access cost-effective advice and counsel when legal issues do arise.

Our lawyers prepare construction contracts, building contracts, sub-contracts and ancillary agreements, as well as advise and assist in the preparation of tender packages. In addition to construction and building law, we can assist you with commercial legal advice with the management of your project. We can provide you with the contract administration tools to streamline the required contractual notices, the internal management and any negotiation of construction contracts. As experienced Building Contract Lawyers, we can provide personalised services that can achieve the results you are looking for.

How Usher Levi Can Help You

If you’re facing a complex issue, our lawyers also provide advice and dispute resolution services concerning specific problems arising from building contracts. Our construction lawyers have achieved results in a range of building disputes, contract negotiations and other legal matters including:

  • Drafting bespoke contracts and advice on standard contract documentation
  • Contract disputes
  • Claims in quantum meruit and restitution
  • Security of Payment
  • Defect claims
  • Builder’s statutory insurances
  • Damage to strata property
  • Mediations, Arbitrations and reference hearings
  • All aspects of contract administration

Why Choose Usher Levi’s Building Contract lawyers

Usher Levi has built a professional reputation as experienced building and construction lawyers in Brisbane and Townsville simply by being committed to our clients, and to achieving excellent results. Regardless of the complexity of your matter, you can trust the skills, knowledge and experience that Usher Levi Lawyers bring to the table to provide you with the correct advice with the objective of potentially achieving the best possible result in your individual circumstances. If you’re interested in learning more about Usher Levi and what we can do for you, fill out the enquiry form to request a consultation from and Usher Levi construction lawyers.


Our construction dispute lawyers in Brisbane and Townsville have have advised on various other matters relating to building and construction law in Queensland (and other jurisdictions in Australia and internationally), some of which are detailed below.

Building and Construction Legal Services

Highlights of Usher Levi’s Actual Building and Construction Law Experience