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Areas of Practice

Construction Law

Building Lawyers Usher Levi Lawyers has lawyers who specialise in building and construction

Energy, Transport & Infrastructure

Energy, Transport and Infrastructure Usher Levi Lawyers are well versed across major projects

Real Estate & Property Development Law

Real Estate & Property Development Lawyers at Usher Levi our property development lawyers

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation Lawyers Brisbane and Townsville Usher Levi Lawyers understands that disputes are a unfortunate

Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate & Commercial Lawyers As an experienced commercial law firm in Brisbane, Usher

About us

Usher Levi is a modern law firm, created with the client first in mind. We provide top tier service and legal expertise at a lower cost. We work with both private and commercial clients, providing practical, commercial solutions to legal issues and partnering to achieve long term commercial strategies for clients.

The team of individuals including commercial lawyers, business lawyers, construction lawyers and property development lawyers at Usher Levi understand the legal complexities faced by our clients in the current business environment. We work across various areas of law and business, assisting clients to solve legal and commercial problems and, where possible, pro-actively cross-transfer their knowledge and experience to the client which not only offers solutions but, in many cases, provides preventative measures also while adding value to your business through implementation of revised/new documentation and processes.

As construction lawyers in Brisbane and Townsville, our team represent and provide advice to builders, developers, owners, corporations, owner-builders and homeowners, companies and individuals in building matters, contractual disputes, litigation and property matters.

We’ve also built an excellent reputation with our clients as one of the leading litigation lawyers in Brisbane and Townsville simply because we are committed to providing excellent results and service for our clients. Whether your case is simple or complex, our lawyers can help you resolve disputes through alternate dispute resolution such as commercial negotiations or mediation. Or if an amicable solution can’t be found, we can initiate court action.

Our Clients Come First

Usher Levi Lawyers is fully committed to listening to your commercial requirements and situations and will help you understand the commercial and legal issues relevant to your matter. Usher Levi has multi-service commercial and construction law firms in Brisbane and Townsville that specialise in advice and representation for many areas of law.